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Barb came from Wisconsin to attend Arizona State University in 1973. After earning her BA in Education with an academic specialization in Early Childhood Education, she taught Kindergarten through 2nd grade in Phoenix, Chandler, and Tempe for 12 years. Following the birth of her second daughter, Barb began teaching parenting classes for the North Central Parenting Group and the Parenting Development Institute at Gateway Community College, and has done so for over 20 years.

In 1999, Barb founded Parenting Plus and expanded her teaching to include areas of relationship, communication and boundary skills, working with couples' and personal growth groups. Since completing her Master of Counseling degree in March of 2002, Barb also performs individual and group consulting for adults and children.

Barb and her daughters
Barb's Certifications:
  1. National Board Certified Counselor
  2. Certified School Guidance Counselor
  3. Certified by the State Board of Directors for Community Colleges to teach child development and family studies
  4. Certified by the Arizona Department of Education to teach kindergarten through eighth grades.

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