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  Client Testimonials

The following remarks were taken from post class evaluation forms in Parenting-Plus classes and seminars, as well as feedback left for online videos:

"Barb has given me vital tools, language, skills, and confidence in areas of communication, marriage, and parenting. Without her help I would be in counseling right now."

"Barb is a phenomenal instructor of life, love, personal growth, and parenting. She has changed my life around for the better. I can't get enough of her classes."

"Barb's class has been a big part of my life. It was such a pleasure coming to her class. I knew I could always count on getting a lot of good information and a lot of laughs. Learning something new about my daughter or myself each week was simply a priceless gift. Barb's sense of humor, honesty, and values were a constant inspiration."

"Barb is a fabulous instructor! She draws her knowledge from her own experiences, clinical studies, love-based philosophy, and pure hard work, with such passion and enthusiasm."

"Barb is great!! She keeps you on your toes and makes you think. I leave her classes feeling empowered and confident. Her passion for parenting is contagious."

"It is very safe to say that you are the best, most interesting, most qualified, most entertaining teacher involved with NCPG. After your presentation this week I had friends complaining that they never had you as a teacher. Each person in our class is a better mom because of you. Honestly, I know we all wish we could continue in your class next year. I look forward to more evening classes with you in the fall. Thanks for everything"

"Barb, your audition tape is awesome! So much more than a talking head, which is what I saw in other tapes. The testimonials are wonderful and your very vivacious and fun personality shines both in front of the camera and with your students. And the wonderful Barb Grady sense of humor I've known for over 35 years comes through beautifully. You're an absolute natural to host your own show. I'm behind you 100% - you go girl!"

"Barb, I can recall talking to you. You were bubbly, sincere and straight to the point. You allowed me to see where I needed to change behaviors, the outcome was and still is awesome. I support you 100% as I feel that the world should experience Barb says, in her own show. You are an awesome individual. Thank you, thank you, thank you"

"I have worked with Barb for 7 or 8 years. She is a wonderful person that the world should listen too."

"Yes yes barb you need your OWN show!!! i remember all the friendship, laughter & tears at our parenting group, you were so awesome! thank you! and good luck, i'll be watching!!!!"

"OMG!! Barb, am soooo happy for you!!! We have been waiting for you to either write a book or be on Oprah show....this opportunity is even better. This world NEEDS you!!!!!!! You are a gift to us all."

"Barb has so much to offer. This world is a better and more loving place because of her. I am incredibly proud of her!!!!!!"

"Barb Grady is a fabulous teacher, counselor and inspiration. She is positive and spiritual in her approach to people, and has an enormous ability to connect. She has much to offer to a wide audience- OWN TV needs Barb!"

"Qualified... Important topic... Clear communicator... Good Job."

"Barb has been my parenting teacher and has enriched not only my life but my children's'. I constantly hear myself speaking the words she teaches. She is hysterical, straight forward, incredibly insightful and compassionate. I really hope she is able to share her knowledge and parenting tools with America. All mothers out there could use a little Barb!"

"Barb Says is an OPPORTUNITY for every parent and child in America! I met Barb five years ago after our second child was born. I was struggling. I knew that I wanted to have a loving and respectful relationship with myself, my husband and my children. Not having experienced or seen this when I was a child made it difficult for me to actualize what I envisioned. Everything that Barb teaches is based on love and respect. She gave me a road map to the life that I wanted to create! I am grateful that she has followed her calling. Barb is passionate and has a great sense of humor. I appreciate how often her sense of humor has reminded me that life is just plain fun!"

"I have known Barb for over 20 years. She has always been passionate about kids and parenting. GO Barb!!!"

"Barb has so much to offer the parenting world. Her passion is evident in her teaching and she can't help but get her message across. Her OWN show would be a gift."

"Barb I love it!!! Children are the future !!! And people that have children need to learn new ways to communicate... They don't have to YELL to get there point across. This would be a great show for sure."

"Yes.. I've said the phrase "Barb Says!"... SOOOOO many times. Barb is not only all of the things mentioned in the audition.. but she is really funny too. So, she is able to bring a lighter feel to all of the serious issues that 'we' , the students (parents) talk about. I TRULY believe that our children are the future and will create a better world.. but it starts at home. Let's put Barb out there for the world to see.. she will help parents who have children of all ages!!! She'll help Grandparents too!! GOOOOO Barb!!!!"

"I have been in Barb's parenting group for 2 years now. Her knowledge just flows naturally. I use her tools for my kids on a daily basis. I leave her group feeling empowered as a woman, a parent, a partner, and as an individual. She has helped many of my friends through death, marriage trouble, co-parenting, divorce, reconciliation, and just finding themselves after being a mom."

"I've seen Barb teach and she has the simple tools to make this world a better place, one family at a time!"


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